“One of the wonders of the Italian Riviera”, The “Villa della Pergola”,  also known as “Villa Hanbury”, and the “Villino della Pergola” are two ancient residences built , at the end of the 19th century, on the first hill above Alassio. The two villas are surrounded by a huge park with a surface of 22.000 square metres, rich in Mediterranean and exotic flora, ponds, fountains and pergolas.

The inner rooms, after accurate restoration works, have regained their extraordinary charm of Victorian period. The Villa will impress our guests with its massive fireplace made from Finale Stone, its ancient oak door, its antique furniture and a collection of pictures, books and objects owned by both the British families housed here and the British colony living in Alassio for over a century.

The stay at the “Villa della Pergola” and the “Villino della Pergola” is not just the best way to enjoy the Italian Riviera in every season of the year. It is also a good chance to go through the Italian and English history.

Each room is dedicated to a different character who played a crucial role in the history of the Villa and that of Alassio itself. Guests will be also delighted by a magnificent view of the Bay, opening from Capo Santa Croce to Capo Mele while looking out over the silhouette of the Gallinara Island.

Card Location Place: Alassio (SV)
Total capacity guests "Placè": 200
Total capacity buffet guests: 250
Number of rooms: 2 max 70 persone
Hourly limit: limite solo per la musica in caso di evento esterno ore 00.30
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