QCnarebere at MIA Fair 2013 for FERRARELLE

On the occasion of the MIA 2013 Fair, the only Italian exhibition dedicated to photography, MCM Comunicazione and QCnarebere, collaborated with Ferrarelle to conceive and achieve a temporary high-quality restaurant called “BistrEAU” dedicated to the pretigious brand Neapolitan. MCM Comunicazione took over the whole responsibility of the work order: from the graphic production to the furnishing mood, from the selections and the fittings of the personnel to the sound and light design, taking care of all the burocratic aspects needed for the opening of a real “ad hoc” restaurant. For the occasion, MCM’s Comunicazione QCnarebere banqueting, conceived the menù wtih different personalized dishes as well as supporting Gennaro Esposito, the chef, in creating exclusive dishes issued for the press conference for the opening of the BistEAU Ferrarelle. The variety and the versatility of MCM Comunicazione and QCnarebere’s competence, made this complex project possible. Here are some photographs which we hope will make your mouth water. Enjoy your meal!

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