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Catering, Banqueting and American Bar catering in Milan

MCM was incorporated in 2000 and, over the last ten years, it has become one of the most renowned realities in the world of communications, events and in the world of their corollary services.

QCnarebere is the product of this acquired experience and of our desire to offer a new, high quality product capable of completing the range of products we already offer our clients. This idea has a specific aim: to become a leader in the world of catering & banqueting, a leader in wedding planning and a leader in the organization of American bar.

Our focus on details, our continuous will to emerge thanks to the quality of the service we offer and the right combination between the expertise of our agency and the innovation brought on by a product such as QCnabere

Today, QCnabere is directed towards individuals who intend to let our qualified staff organize their wedding or their party, towards companies that intend to offer catering, banqueting and high quality Open bar services to their guests. QCnarebere is an important resource capable of working alongside other communication agencies in order to complete the range of products and services they can offer with the guarantee of an excellent product.

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historic homes, villas, space strange
and unusual.
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