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QCnarebere provides it banqueting experience to companies, firms, agencies and wedding planners who wish to use high quality catering services. Our service range can satisfy all sorts of requests and can be easily adapted to the client’s allocated budget.

We offer a traditional cuisine made of Italian flavors. This cuisine is inspired by genuine products and by accurately selected raw materials. We focus our attention on the details of the service, on the mise en place and on the accessories chosen for the event.

We draw our inspiration from the creative concepts put forward by the client and from the new food design tendencies on the market. By doing so, we obtain the result we are aiming for without lowering the quality of the proposed menus.

Our proposals can be entirely customized and can be integrated with the other services we provide. This means we can offer high quality catering services guaranteeing an impeccable and surely successful service.

3 reasons to choose QCnarebere
BIG NUMBERS DON’T SCARE US, THEY INSPIRE US We guarantee the organization of banqueting and catering services for big scale parties. Big events are our passion.
OUR MENUS MEET YOUR NEEDS We do not offer standard menus. On the contrary, we analyze the information our clients provide us with and customize our product entirely in order to guarantee uniqueness and exclusivity to each event we work on.
WE DEDICATE OUR FULL ATTENTION TO THE SMALLEST DETAILS We’re “obsessed” with details and dedicate our full attention and focus to them. We love offering fully detailed and extremely precise services.
RECOMMENDED LOCATION We have locations all over Italian,
historic homes, villas, space strange
and unusual.
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