Area Pergolesi arises from a well-experienced and long-standing expertise of a highly qualified and multidisciplinary staff aimed to planning, producing and organizing events and numberless other communication services.

Our drive is to offer the city a really multifunctional, entertaining and captivating area which is daily enlivened by the residents and by all those who want to share this innovative stage.

We organize events and offer communication services targeted to providing working tools and useful assistance to companies, corporations and professionals whose aim is to show who they are and what they do.

The location, in the very Milan city centre, 8,via Pergolesi, is a 380 square meter open-space with the peculiar charm of a post-industrial area, a 60-square meter exhibition hall in addition to several other easy-fitting smaller rooms.

The main space, with totally white walls, is characterized by wide, ceiling glass walls (which can be partially or completely darkened via remote control), and a concrete floor which fully guarantee its flexibility and multifunction.

This structure, technologically advanced, is mainly characterized by 12 aerial projectors  which can project 360° on all the walls both on a free-standing and watch-out mode.

An innovation of late, added to the pre-existing technology, is the 3D projection on a 6 x 4 meter polarized screen.

A permanent display room and a production room allow the employment of 3D projects and their use in the main area as well.

The neutral, neat environment is suitable for whatever kind of event according to the most varied demand:

  • Business dinners
  • Press conferences
  • Conventions
  • Refresher courses
  • Communication, theatre, dubbing, writing, photography etc. Vocational training courses
  • Cultural and artistic events
  • Private and public events
  • Art installation, temporary exhibitions Corporate meetings
  • Art displays
  • Theatre rehearsals and laboratories
  • Video shootings
  • Photographic services
  • Fashion shows
  • Video and photo shootings
  • Display showrooms
  • Shows and performances
  • Advertising spots and videos
  • Video clips
  • Video displays

Area Pergolesi makes any efforts to offer the client a customized service according to its needs and budget in a quick, reliable, flexible competent and pristine way:

  • Areas renting
  • Events scheming, planning and realization
  • Technical equipment
  • Specialized technical assistance (2D video projections, watch outs, 3D) Technical services (Audio, Lights, Stages, Decorating etc)
  • Live video streaming Production and post-production
  • Simultaneous translation workplaces
  • Catering
  • Hostess
  • Security
  • Cloakroom
  • Cleaning service
  • Porterage, Logistics equipment assembling

Areas partitioning

Technical characteristics

  • A 8.05 x 6.65 room
  • A 26.8 x 12.80 hall (dividable into two halls measuring 13.40 x 6.40 each)
  • Spare rooms
  • Editing room
  • Foyer/backstage
  • Bar space
  • Offices area
  • Warehouse

Technical equipment:

  • Audio system including a 24 – channel mixer
  • America stage lighting including a 48-channel mixer
  • 4 6-channel x 3KW each digital dimmers
  • 12 DLP Panasonic PT-5600E projectors
  • Electrical power up to 60 KW
  • Independent video-projection operational system
  • Watch out operational system
  • 3D video projection system
  • Walls usable as maxi screens
  • Polarized 3D screen 6mtx4mt
  • Easily accessed load/unload area within the space
  • Heating and conditioning system
  • Phone lines, fax, internet connection
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Automated partial or total darkening of the ceiling glass walls
  • Alarm and video security service
Card Location Place: Via G.B. Pergolesi 8 , Milano (MI)
Total capacity guests "Placè": 220/250
Total capacity buffet guests: 300
Number of rooms: 2
Hourly limit: 02.00 del mattino
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