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Aside from Banqueting and American Bar Catering services, QCnabere can also offer a wide range of services related to events and wedding planning both directly and by means of collaborations with qualified partners.

When Qcnabere uses services provided by its qualified partners, it coordinates their work and supervises the final result.

The following services can be requested without using out Banqueting and American Bar Catering services on a case-to-case basis.

  • Event venues: research and coordination
  • Personalized secretarial services
  • Dedicated recall and confirmation phone number and multi-lingual operators
  • Creation of a Facebook page dedicated to the event
  • Creation of a website dedicated to the event
  • Management of the mailing service for the event
  • Planning, design and creation of the event invites and of the menu
  • Planning, design and creation of the wedding tableaux
  • Chauffeured vintage car rental service
  • Research and selection of party favors
  • Research and selection of confetti and corollary accessories
  • Floral decorations for the church and the wedding venue
  • Furniture rental service (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Accessory rental service (candles, glass vases, buffet center-pieces, etc.)
  • Specific catering accessory rental service (berkels, ice-cream carts, cotton-candy machines, pop-corn makers, kebab makers, etc.)
  • Creation of centre-pieces
  • Selection and coordination of hair and make-up services
  • Selection and coordination of photography services
  • Video-making and post-production services
  • Personal shopper services
  • Selection and coordination of artists and musicians
  • Selection and coordination of DJs and DJ sets
  • Accessory rental services (outdoor heating systems, ashtrays, etc.)
  • Coat checking services provided by qualified personnel
  • Guest list management by means of qualified hostesses and models
  • Babysitting and entertainment for children by means of qualified animators
  • Valet parking and dedicated personnel
  • Audio and video systems
  • Fireworks
  • Security services
  • Limousine, chauffeur and bus services
  • Hotel selection, booking services and guest rooming services
  • Management of municipal permits and SIAE permits
  • Calligraphy services for invites and menus
  • Event theme creativity and planning of the event details
  • Research and management of specific personnel and materials for the event
  • Coordination and management of the event by means of a dedicated production manager and of a specific production plan
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